You are like us

Jamie, a charming person at a summer party, draws you aside and asks what you do.

You: “I make it easier for people to learn. It’s a noble cause, improving people’s lives by helping them….”

Jamie: “I have a cousin who teaches third grade in Paduka, Kentucky. You could email her.”

You: “That’s different. You see, I don’t teach or grade or have students.” Jamies give you a puzzled gaze. “The people I help are workers and exec….”

Jamie: “Sorry to interrupt but I just remembered I’m meeting someone. You’ll have to tell me more about what you do another time.”

You, thinking to yourself: “It’s not just Jamie. Everybody confuses learning and schooling.  I can only imagine what people think we do after visting our website.”

Chris and Jay understand how tough it is to explain what’s really going on with learning. We’ve been reinventing education for more than a decade. Now we help vendors answer that old question of “What do you do?”

We write white papers, research reports, articles, and blog posts for education vendors. We can help people understand what sets you apart.

The train is leaving the station.



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